Introduction: Easy Swing

I'm going to show you step by step how I made my own swing.

So the first thing I did was drawning some swings. Don't think abouth how u should mannufacture it.
Just draw an awesome looking swing!

Step 1: Sketches

Here are my first drawnings there are some easy ones but also some really tough ones!
So the next step is to pick your top 3 best swings.

Step 2: Choose

I choose to drawn these with more details so I could take a look which one is really the best one to create!

Step 3: The Best

I picked this one.
I think this swing is a fun concept and I have a lot of freedom to make this.

Step 4: Get It All

Now u have to know how u are going to make this swing.
I saw some kind of net in the local store and I taught it would be perfect!
Also I'm useing a typical beach ball, one u can fill and defill easy with air.

Step 5: Height Adjustment

For the height adjustment I'm keeping it simple.
A robe with at some places a knot.
With help of the carabiner I can lock it in the knot and easily adjust the height!

Step 6: Swing!

Once it's all done u can go outside, pick a tree with a good branche and.... swing!

Step 7: Final Changes

Becouse I didn't like the look of the swing I changed some small things.

First of I bought a white robe, smaller carabinders and a bigger (and better) ball.

Also I add some pipe insulation for the middle to keep it nice and clean.
It's also better to hold on to with ur hands!

Step 8: Enjoy

This is the video I made introducing my swing !!