Introduction: Easy Tilt Shift Miniature Photo With Microsoft Powerpoint

Tilt Shift photography is a process of skewing with the depth of field of the photograph to achieve marvelous effect. This effect makes the image look like a miniature photography or a mini world effect.

Earlier at the time of films this was physically achieved with lenses with bellows.

Now there are various apps available to do this.

I am presenting a process which according to me is the cheapest process.

Step 1: Analyzing the Image

Take your image and import in microsoft powerpoint.

Analyze the image to mark a depth of field. Keep in mind various important aspects of the image that you would like to highlight.

Red line marks the depth of field.

Red circles mark the highlights.

Step 2: Start the Process

Make 2 copies of the image and overlap them with the original image.

Crop the images so that they only keep the parts that are outside the depth of field.

Step 3: Blurring

Use the blurr effect to fade the images out. And you are basically done.

Read the next steps to make it a little more realistic.

Step 4: Mixing With the Original Image

You can see the blurr line border. We need to smudge that a little to mix with the original image.

For that you can use the "soft edge" feature to mix them.

Step 5: Done

You are done. You can change the crop or blurr or soft edge of the images to add more drama. That will depend on the image you have started with.

Save the image when you are satisfied with the effect.

Step 6: Comment

Please tell me if you can really feel the miniaturization of the components in the final image.

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