Introduction: Easy Tissue Paper Flowers With Vase (Made by My Daughter, Age 9)

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My daughter is a natural born creator. When things slow down around the house, you can usually find her in her room crafting up a storm. This project is a take on her original design which was dropping food colouring onto paper towels for coloured flower petals instead of using tissue paper like she’s showing you today. I hope you enjoy making these as much as she did!


Tissue Paper - this project uses 3 colours but feel free to use more :)

Cloth Covered Stem Wire (we used 18 gauge)

Needle Nose Pliers with Wire Cutters

Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

Floral Tape

Scotch Tape

Sponge or Floral Foam Block (optional)

Sparkle Elastic Cord (any decorative string or ribbon will do)

Step 1: Prepping Your Paper and Wire

For the flower: tear off 2 different sizes of red tissue paper and 1 smaller piece of yellow. If they come off square, round the edges by carefully pinching off the corners. For the stem: cut a piece of wire approximately 5” in length and then, using the needle nose pliers, curl the end to form a stopper.

Step 2: Adding Your Tissue Paper Petals to the Stem

Add the small yellow piece first, followed by the small red and then the large red piece. Pinch and fold the papers as you work your way up to the stopper. Using floral tape (or any tape really) secure the flower to the stem at the base of the flower. If you don’t want to lay your flowers down, use a sponge or floral foam block to hold your flowers upright while you make more. :)

Step 3: Creating the Cute Little Vase

Cut a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll down to about 3”. Make at least 4 x 1” long cuts upwards from the bottom of the roll. Fold the cuts inward to create a base and tape down. Cut a square piece of blue tissue paper large enough to wrap up and over the edge of the roll. If the blue paper is long enough, it should stay put when tucked in the roll without any tape. Now add some decorative cording or ribbon around the vase and tie it with either a knot or a bow. (We chose a knot and put it at the back.)

Step 4: Place Your Beautiful Flowers in the Vase!

Arrange the flowers in the vase and voilà, you’re done!
If you want verifying heights, cut or bend the bottoms of some of the flowers stems to make them shorter.

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