Introduction: Easy Way to Make Homemade Chocolates

Everyone loves homemade chocolates. And chocolates make the best gifts that you can every give away to any of your loved ones. If you are thinking of gifting chocolates to someone and do not want to spend much on them then why not gift them simple homemade Chocolates. Your efforts would be appreciated and also you would not have to spend much on them. You can also serve these chocolates to your guests. They will love them. To make your process easy here are a few recipes listed below for homemade chocolates.

Recipe # 1

This recipe takes 30-45 minutes to get ready. And it has 6 servings. The ingredients and the method for making chocolates are as follows.
1/4 cup - cocoa powder
200g - milk powder
1 cup - sugar
1/2 cup - water
1/4 cup - butter
1/2 tsp - vanilla essence
Nuts and raisins as per your wish.

Firstly take some water and sugar in a pan and allow them to boil until they have reached 1string evenness. Then remove from stove and add butter to it. As it melts down totally add milk powder, cocoa powder and vanilla essence and mix up them until everything blends in to one. Let it cool down for few minutes, slightly grease your hands with butter and pinch small portions of it and give it shapes and also you can place toothpicks in it as, and you can even place nuts and raisins into it as per your wish. After that place them in the refrigerator for a while and then wrap them in color papers or arrange in gift boxes and they are ready to give away.

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