Introduction: Easy Way to Hang Odd-shaped Objects on a Wall

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Some odd objects are tricky to hang securely, especially outside where the wind and the elements knock things around. A great trick is to use a washer as a custom backer. What is nice about this is that you can get the exact fit you want, in the perfect place on your object.

It's been summery and the evenings are cool and pleasant, which is the perfect time for sitting out back and whittling. I have a bunch of little, old men that I need to hang up.

What I used for this:

  1. A washer
  2. Two small screws, and one larger one whose head fits in the washer hole
  3. Two forstner bits, one large that fits your washer size (or is bigger than your washer), and one small that will create a hollow behind your washer (it needs to be smaller than your washer, but bigger than the hole in the washer)
  4. A counter-sink bit (not 100% needed but nice to have, you can get away with a large drill bit)
  5. A drill bit for metal
  6. A drill

Step 1: Use Your Forstner Bits to Drill Holes

You'll start by creating a recess with the large Forstner bit. This doesn't need to be deep, just deep enough that your washer fits into it neatly. If you want to skip ahead, you can drill the second inset with the small Forstner bit now.

Step 2: Customize Your Washer

The washer needs two holes. I punched two small holes to guide the drill bit in with the end of my screw driver. This helps make sure that the bit doesn't wander off and make a mess. If you have a vise, I'd recommend using it. The washer gets too hot to handle very quickly. I made do with a screw driver, but it really wasn't ideal.

Use your counter sink bit to clean up the holes. It makes them more flush to the surface and in general it will look nicer.

Step 3: Screw the Washer to Your Odd-shaped Object

Really, that's it. :) Screw the washer into place.

Now you can neatly hang your odd object on your extra screw like a boss.
The head of the screw fits behind the washer and feels super snug. Ah, so satisfying!

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