Introduction: Easy Winter Hat and Gloves Dyer

With winter here, the need to keep hats and gloves warm and dry is not an option... it's a necessity!

This dryer is easy to make and I assembled mine out of things I had laying around:

. A couple of SWIFFER duster handles.

. A 3/4" (2cm) thick X 12" (30cm) long X 2" (5cm) wide piece of wood.

. An 1/8" (4mm) thick X 12" (30cm) long X 3 1/2" (9cm) wide piece of plywood.

. Two 3/8" (1cm) thick X 8" (15cm) long dowels.

. Four 1" (2.5cm) long screws.

. Four 1" (2.5cm) long nails.

. Two 1" (2.5cm) washers

and a bit of glue.

That's it!!!

It took me about 20min to assemble.

The photos are pretty self explanatory, but if anyone needs more explanation, please leave a question in the comments and I will reply.



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