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  • Headlight Restoration in 30 Sec Flat!!!

    For this project I had used the Lacquer thinner you see in the photo. The brand is shown on the upper left corner of the photo. It was purchased from a hardware store and I don't think there is anything special about it.Over the years I have used other brands of Lacquer thinner and even Acetone, with the same great results.Like I say in the instructions, use it on a small area to test results on YOUR headlight.The key to success seems to be the speed at witch you pass the soaked cloth over the headlight. Do it fast and don't linger and don't go back and forth!

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  • Headlight Restoration in 30 sec flat!!!

    Also you might try spraying a clear coat spray, with UV protection, immediately after you wipe it with lacquer thinner. Like:

    Excellent observation! Stored in a metal container. Like most solvents. and that why the instructions say to wear gloves and do one quick pass!If you find that too difficult, please take your product and move along. This intractable is for people with basic skills that can follow simple instructions. I am not saying your product is not good but please take it somewhere else.Thank you.

    It sounds like your headlights might be too degraded or different plastic. Try another product and see if you have better success.

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  • Headlight Restoration in 30 sec flat!!!

    Well, it's been seven years now since I did the original polishing on my first car headlights. I repeated the process last year to freshen them up. They never became as cloudy as they where when I got the car and they CERTAINLY did not melt off, even after the second treatment. Just follow the instructions... it's not rocket surgery!

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