Introduction: Easy and Economical Seeds Germination System

This very economical and easy method to germinate seeds has few advantages: it will not require a lot of space compare to the flat methods used for the same amount of seeds. Plus you will have seeds already planted at a desired distance apart, so will be much easier to transport plans to the final planting position)


Materials required


Bubble wrap or thin foam material

Toilet paper

Spray water bottle

A little bit of compost (optional)

Seeds that you want to plant

Some rubber bands or ribbon

label sticker or marker

Step 1:

This method is called also a snail method because of the end shape.

To start you would need to cut bubble wrap strips (or any thin foam plastic material) about 10-15cm high and as long as you like depending on the amount of the seed you would like to put into each snail.

Step 2:

So, when you cut the strips lay it down I put mine on top of the kitchen surface.

And cover the hole strip with a layer or two of toilet paper, important here is that toilet paper should be at both top and bottom of the bubble wrap strip, so when there will be some water at the bottom it can be soaked in by the paper and travel up to the seeds.

Step 3:

Sprinkle the toilet paper layer with water to help it stick to the bubble wrap then put the seed according to the planting requirements, say 1cm from the top line of the bubble wrap.

Important note: try not to mix different seed as long as you are sure that they have the same germination period. As from my experience, it is not a good idea because as soon as first seed will start germinating you will need to uncover the snail. While the other kind of seeds would still require longer period of being in the dark to germinate.

Step 4:

Here you have 2 options of your choice I have tried it works well with both!

First option will be to put another layer of toilet paper on top of the seeds and sprinkle with water again.

Or put a thin layer let then 1cm of compost gently compressing it with your palm and sprinkle it with water so it is dump.

Step 5:

FUN step simply to roll the snail! After you roll it you can put 1 or 2 rubber bands, I have used the one from the postman closer to the ends of the roll to keep it secured, just make sure you don’t put the rubber bands on the seeds line not to squeeze then too much. Don’t forget to mark which seed are in the snail as you for sure will not remember unless you testing just one kind of seeds.

Step 6:

Put each snail into the bowl or some sort of container to accumulate water, water gently from top. Then put it into a plastic bag and tighten on top. You may add few punched tiny holes with tooth stick to allow a little bit of air. Put everything into dark warm place (room temperature is OK) to allow to germinate.

Step 7:

Wait, wait, wait and again wait…from time to time every 2 days open the plastic bag and check maybe add a little bit of water. As soon as you see first seed has germinated, take the snail out of the plastic bag and put out in the sunny place, water if needed.

NOTE: it is important to check regularly and not to miss the start of germination for too long otherwise the seed with stretch out to much and will be less healthy and more difficult to replant. See my last pic in this section.

Step 8:

As soon as you are happy with the results, you can unroll the snail, gently separate the plants and replant the plant to the desired locations)

All done enjoy and thanks for checking my first intractable!

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