Introduction: Easy and Fast Pudding Pops

These made for a fast and easy snack to help soothe the sweet tooth and my daughter loved em to!!

Step 1: Make Pudding

Choose the flavor of pudding you want for your pudding pop. I had vanilla in the house so that's what I chose to use for my flavor.Most Jello brand pudding mixes will require the pudding mix packet and three cups cold milk. Mix for two to three minutes qith fork or mix and let set until the mixture is almost fully pudding and set

Step 2: Pour Pudding Mixture for Pudding Pops

For this step I used my Zoku popsicle maker. I LOVE this thing! It takes about five to seven minutes for my popsicles to set and they are ready to eat regardless of what IT use for ingredients. you can also layer pudding pops with multiple flavors as well and make chocolate and vanilla pudding pops! Its a nifty thing to have around the house. If you don't have a Zoku then you can use ice cube trays and tooth picks or popsicle sticks and some form of popsicle maker as a mold. The last two ways will take maybe two to three hours to set and be ready to eat.

Step 3: Dump Mixture Into Zoku or Mold of Your Choice

Step 4: Let Set for an Amount of Time That Fits the Mold That You Choose to Use

Zoku: Five to seven minutes
Ice Cube Tray: Two to three hours
Popsicle Mold: Follow the instructions for your particular mold otherwise three to four hours is a good guesstimate

Step 5: Freeze

Step 6: Enjoy!

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