Introduction: Easy and Fun Polaroid Holder

- we all just can't get enough of them, but there is always that one problem connected to them...

i planned to reorganise my beloved polaroids as i was moving, when - some say it was faith - the glass of my big picture frame broke. first i was devasted, but it turned out to be pretty much all i needed to solve my polaroid-problem, get creative as well as to decorate the new room in the most individual way.honestly, it now just is my favourite piece in here. so make yourself happy and follow the instructable.

an easy, fun upcycling project, little every-day supplies needed that just reminds you
of all the laughs and beautiful moments you had


i'll keep it short and simple:

  • big picture frame (no glass needed, here you can be creative and use similar things as well)
  • screwdriver
  • yarn (you need quite some of it)
  • tape
  • scissors

Step 1: Picture Frame

turn the picture frame around and open it (as if you'd put a poster inside). i had to use a screwdriver for mine, but you may not need one. if you use a broken picture frame as i did, be careful opening the frame and get rid of the broken glass. if not, be smart and find out what to do with that wonderful piece of glass you have now :)

make sure to put all the other pieces together, i put the screws in a bowl so that they don't get lost...

Step 2: Fix the Yarn

for this step you need the back part of your picture frame - the big one that normally supports the poster ;) - the yarn and some tape.

hold the yarn onto the backside of the surface and use some tape to make it stay. better use a bit too much than too little, it needs to withstand some pulling.

Step 3: Twist and Wind

once the yarn is fixed wind it around the surface. don't think too much about what you're doing. some coincidences make it special and individual. there are a few things you need to keep in mind though:

  • always wind the yarn very tightly
  • make sure there are plenty of crossings
  • the smaller the things you want to put on later, the more winding you should do
  • tip: use tape on the back if you want the yarn in a specific position

Step 4: Final Fixation

if you're happy with your winding, do as you did in the beginning and tape the end of the yarn (easily cut it with the scissors) on the back of the surface.

just to make sure everything stays where you want it, turn the the surface upside-down. tape the yarn to the surface all around, do this close to the edges.

you're nearly done :)

Step 5: Assembly

now just put the acutal frame back together (without the glass obviously). make sure you use all the pieces.

voilà, you made it !!

Step 6: Individualise

no it's time to put all those lovely polaroids and freaky cards on your newly homemade polaroid holder. and get ready to proudly present your work and memories <3

...btw, cards and photos can always and easily be changed an adjusted... :)

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