Introduction: Easy and Heartwarming Paper Quilling Cards

These two cards take about an hour to make and are pretty easy. You only need:

1 x blue card

For the Hearts:

2 x yellow paper ribbons

2 x brown paper ribbons

For the Flowers:

1 x purple ribbon

1 x pink ribbon

1 x orange ribbon

1 x yellow ribbon

1 x red ribbon

1 x light green ribbon

1 x dark green ribbon

Step 1: Cut Out the Two Cards

Take a blue card and cut out two pieces with the size of a book separator. My ones are of size 5 x 15cm.

Step 2: Hearts Card

You need to make a heart shaped shape. To do that roll the ribbon loosely and glue its end. Then you have to pinch one side of the roll and press the opposite on inward in order to create the hear shape.

Make two hearts of each yellow and brown colours.

Step 3: Flowers Card

To make the Flowers card you need to make three flowers and three leaves.

  1. Flower centres are made by making a tight roll out of a ribbon (red, yellow and orange).
  2. Flower petals are made from the purple and pink ribbons - the purple one being split into half to produce two flowers. To make petals cuts are made along the ribbon as marked by red on the above image. The ribbon is then folded along the blue dashed line in the second image. The upper part above the blue line, is the one that will be glued to the flower centre.
  3. The petal ribbon is rolled over the centre ribbon with the whole bit glued to it and the cut bits sticking out. They are then bent outward to form petals.
  4. Two leaves are made from halves of the green ribbon and one leaf from the whole dark green one. The shapes that make the leaves are drops - loose roll, pinched on one side.

Step 4: Arrange and Glue on Your Cards

These are my arrangements for the Flowers and Hearts cards. Now give them to a loved one.

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