Introduction: Easy Pool-light


i want to show you how to built an easy, but quite effective pool-light for about $20.

You'll need:
- canning-jar with rubber-seal (or just a regular good-sealing jar)
- 12V bright and flexible LED-stripe (about $10 from ebay)
- 9V and 2x 1,5V battery holder (= 12V)
- on/off switch
- cable
- shrinking-hose
- soldering iron and solder
- round piece of pipe, which fits in the jar (i used a piece of aluminum-pipe)
- small stone

1.) Sinking-Test
It was important for me, that the glass will sink on the ground of the pool.
I put different stones in the jar to figure out how much weight it would need to sink.

2.) Wiring
Solder the cables and the components together as shown on the circuit diagram.
(and don't forget the shrinking-hose, like i did.)

3.) glue the LED-stripe around the pipe

4.) put all things together in the jar

5.) done ;-)

Sorry for misspellings, english is not my native language ;)