Introduction: Easy Sparkly Mirror Upgrade

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My home office is set up in a very dark corner of my apartment living room so to brighten it up, I went looking for a mirror to hang on the back wall to reflect some light. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and it turns out IKEA had exactly what I needed: the KOLJA mirror. It was the prefect size (24″ x 24″) and the price was right at only $10 but it was so plain, it was calling for an upgrade.

All it took was 30 mins, some square rhinestones ($2 on sale at Joann’s) and glue to give it some extra sparkle and style.

Step 1: Measure Out the Spacing for the Rhinestones

Place a piece of tape along on side of the mirror and mark the spacing for the rhinestones. I spaced mine 2″ apart, starting 1 3/4″ from the ends which meant I needed 11 rhinestones per side – one package (52 rhinestones per package) was enough for this project.

Step 2: Glue the Rhinestones

I used Glue Dots Repositionable Dispenser to glue the rhinestones because it’s a lot less messier than using glue and it’s easy to reposition if necessary. The rhinestones have stayed in place nicely but you could also use the Glue Dots advanced strength formula for a more permanent bond or E6000.

I lined up the rhinestones with the marks on the tape, and pressed the rhinestones firmly into place. After one side was done, I remove the tape and repeated the process for the other 3 sides.

Step 3: Hang the Mirror and Enjoy!

I hung the mirror with the clips as per the IKEA instructions and the rhinestones didn't interfere with the clips. It was such a simple inexpensive upgrade to do and I love the new look it gave the mirror – lots more sparkle and personality than before!

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