Introduction: Easy to Make Chocolate Bonbons

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Chocolate is a delicious flavor that everyone enjoys. It is one of my top favorites. What's better than simple chocolates? Centre filled chocolates. Bonbons are sweet delicacies that are highly enjoyable. Their individual sizes and centre filling make them a delight anyone can enjoy.

Over a year ago, at an airport, I saw a display of small intricate chocolates that caught my attention. I bought some to try them out. They were both delicious and aesthetic. I wanted to recreate that experience at home. I made this recipe for my birthday party. The guests loved it. The best part is that it's fun to make.You can call some of your friends to help you in the process and have fun while making it. The centre filling is customizable. So feel free to try out any flavor combination.


For the Fillings:

1) Dulce de Leche

Sweetened condensed milk - 400g

2) Coffee Flavored Caramel

  1. Sugar - 1 Cup
  2. Heavy Cream - 1/2 Cup
  3. Instant coffee powder - 1tsp
  4. Lemon (optional) - 1tsp
  5. Butter - 1 tbsp

3) Ganache

  1. Dark Chocolate - 1 Cup
  2. Cream - 1 Cup
  3. Vanilla flavouring - 2 tsp
  4. Instant Coffee - 1tsp

4) Strawberry Filling

Strawberry Jam

For The Chocolate Shell:

  1. Dark Chocolate - 2 Cups
  2. Butter - 2tbsp

Utensils Used


Sauce Pan

Double Boiler


Piping Cone

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Making Dulce De Leche

Take a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk. Make sure any paper sticker or plastic coating is removed before placing it in a pressure cooker. Pour water in the pressure cooker until there is enough water to completely submerge the can and about an inch more. Put the Lid on with the pressure regulator ( weight put on top of the pressure cooker). Turn on the stove and leave it on high for about 3 mins. Then lower the heat to a medium and continue cooking for 25 mins. After that, lower the temperature to lowest setting and cook for another 20 mins. Cool the can completely before taking it out of the pressure cooker. This might take around 3-4 hours. It is important to make sure that it is completely cool. Once cooled open the lid and your homemade Dulce de Leche is ready.

Honestly, it tastes good as is. It can be used in other dessert recipes too.

Step 3: Making Coffee Caramel

Take 1 cup of sugar and pour it in a saucepan. Pour enough water to just wet the sugar layer. Put the saucepan on the stove and keep it at a medium heat. Do not change the temperature. It is important that the temperature remains constant. Squeeze in half a lemon or a tsp of lemon juice. Keep an eye on the pan and wait for the sugar mixture to take on amber color. While waiting measure out a cup of cream. The caramel needs to reach a shade of copper. Remove the pan from the heat. Add the cream to the pan and stir continuously to ensure there are no lumps. Add butter to the caramel for glossy effect but its optional. Once the mixture has reached room temperature stir in a spoon of instant coffee powder. Your Coffee Caramel is ready.


  1. Be careful when the caramel reaches a shade of amber. Do not move away from the pan at this point. Sugar will take on color pretty quickly.
  2. The sugar will quickly burn if it is not removed from the heat instantly.
  3. While adding cream the mixture will bubble up significantly. Make sure the pan is deep enough.
  4. If any sugar crystals form on the edge of the pan then brush it down with some water.
  5. Sugar can reach a very high temperature. Ensure safety before following any of these steps.

Step 4: Making Ganache

Chop the chocolate into relatively small and identical pieces. It helps to melt easily. Heat cream over medium heat. Pour it over the chocolate. Add 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp coffee powder. This helps to intensify the chocolate flavor. Wait for a minute to let the cream melt the chocolate. Stir the mixture. Ganache is ready. Let it come to room temperature before using it.


If you feel the ganache is too thick add some more cream to attain the consistency you want.

You can use the leftover ganache to make hot chocolate. :)

Step 5: Chocolate Shell

Chop the chocolate. Bring it over a double boiler. I didn't have one here so I improvised. Once the chocolate starts to melt stir it to incorporate all the chocolate so that it melts evenly. Add 2 tbsp of butter. This makes the chocolate glossy.


If you are using chocolate chips then you will have to temper the chocolate to achieve that nice snap-py shell.

Step 6: Preparing the Mold and Filling the Chocolate

Grease the mold with butter. Spoon in a little amount of chocolate so as to fill the mold. Ensure even coating of chocolate. Put the mold in the fridge and let it set. After the chocolate is set fill in about 3/4 of the mold with various fillings. Let it set again. Then finally top off the mold and let it set. Pop the individual bonbons out of the mold. Put one in your mouth and enjoy. :)

It is best to let the chocolate set overnight.

Step 7: Make Decorations (optional)

Make a diy piping cone. Fill the cone with melted chocolate. Make your desired design on a sheet of paper. Put a transparent sheet over the design and trace it with chocolate. Put the decorations in the freezer to set.

Step 8: Chocolate Bonbons

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