Introduction: Easy to Make Pan Flute

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this is an easy to make instrument that is fun to teach yourself how to play and does not matter how it is tuned.


the supplies you need are things that everyone has or can easily get

you will need:

- a lighter

-straws (it is better if they are thicker)


see? four simple products for a simple and fun design.

Step 1: Cutting the Straws

take about ten straws and cut them all at a different lengths as shown if you have 10 straws than make the cuts about 1 cm difference. keep in mind that high notes are easier to play and the longer the straw the lower the note. also remember to look at the most recently cut straw so that you know where to cut (it does not need to be perfect.)

Step 2: Melting the End of the Straws

so, one of the last steps is melting the straws. what you want to do is hold the straw with the pliers just so that the bottom of the straw sticks out a tiny bit then take you lighter and melt the ent closed so that no air can get through that way. if your straw does not melt correctly and it opens up again try remelting it but this time hold it for five seconds in the pliers before putting it down

Step 3: Final Step: Putting It Together

line up your straws from biggest to smallest with the unmelted end of the straws lined up in a straight line (this is where you will blow.) after you have lined them up rip or cut a 6-10 inch piece of tape and tape all of the straws together make sure to wrap the tape all the way around and don't be afraid to use two pieces as I have.

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