Introduction: Easy to Make Pizza Sandwich

This instructable will be about creating a pizza sandwich. Or as some of you would like to call them, a hot sandwich. The first time that I myself ate anything like this was when I was 6-8 years old and it was my elder cousin that showed me how.

The nice thing about this is that all the steps in the making of the pizza will be safe for a child to do, the only tool that might be harmful, (the knife) can be replaced by a scissor so that any person can help make it.

Lets begin.

Step 1: The Ingredients That's Needed

  • White bread: It is good if the bread has a lot of air in it, it will make the pizza juicer.
  • Cheese: Any cheese should suffice, I used ordinary household cheese.
  • Ham: I would recommend using extra thin slices.
  • Salami: Use any flavor you like, I use pepper.
  • Taco sauce: [for the sauce]
  • Tomato puree: [for the sauce]

  • Butter: If you do not have Taco sauce, you can use butter and ketchup instead.

Step 2: The Sauce

Mix the taco sauce and the tomato puree on a plate and spread it on the slice of bread.

Step 3: The Cheese

Use a cheese slicer to cut thin slices, roll them and cut them into small "wheels".

Put them onto the bread.

Step 4: The Meat

Cut the ham and salami and add them to the pizza.

You could also add more cheese if you would like, for flavor or decoration.

Step 5: Bake It

You could use your oven to bake the pizza, but the microwave will work to. I will use the microwave.

Because the ingredients used is already baked, we do not need to bake it, only heat it.

If you have a microwave that is able to provide more than 450 watts, I recommend decreasing it to 450 watt and heat it for a longer time, this will make it easier for the heat to spread evenly.

I used 450w and 1½ minute.

Tweak with the time, you might find another setting that is more to your liking.

Step 6: Done

So now there done, share one with a friend!

Or you might be hungry and made plenty for yourself.

Thank you for reading this instructable, maybe teach this to your son or daughter. Little brother or little sister.

It is very easy to do and just might make them like cooking. :)

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