Introduction: Easy to Make,Hard to Solve Puzzle

This circular puzzle with 20 or 33 pieces. making this is as easy as gluing and cutting some pieces of cardboard but solving is not as easy as it seems as it doesn't have any interlocking pieces and no pattern it is just a trial and error. try it your self or challenge a friend.


Printer Paper




And access to Printer

Step 1: Download and Print the Puzzle

Download the following files and print them

Step 2: Gluing and Cutting

After printing the puzzle glue it to pieces of cardboard and

let it dry (do not use liquid-based glues, use glue sticks instead )

After the glue dries cut the pieces (cut along the black line)

And the puzzle is complete in two steps

Step 3: Complete the Puzzle

Put the puzzle pieces together form a perfect circle. I have laid the paper template on top so that you can clearly see the solution. Try solving the puzzle on your own or challenge a friend to do it

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