Easy Way to Skin a Chicken!

Introduction: Easy Way to Skin a Chicken!

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I find that it is better to skin a chicken before cooking so that most of the fat can be removed from the body before it is placed in the crockpot. (The method of cooking that I use here.) Here is the chicken placed in a nice size pan to catch the juices that leak out as you work.

Step 1: Get Your Tools

A BOXCUTTER knife. A fresh blade so that it is as sharp as can be. This is the key to the whole process! I used to use a knife of course, but more often than not, the knife was never sharp enough. What should have been a very easy chore was made more onerous.

Step 2: Start Cutting and Trimming

Just make a starter cut somewhere on the chicken, grab a hold of the skin and lift up and out away from the body. Using the boxcutter, neatly and deliberately, cut the attaching points of the skin. It is very easy to do.

Step 3: Rotate Chicken As Needed

Turn the chicken as much as necessary to remove the remaining skin. At the same time, trim fat from the body and check to make sure you have cleaned as much as you want.

Step 4: Wash Chicken Under the Faucet.

Wash the chicken throughly to remove as much possible contamination as you can. This chicken was thawed just prior to skinning, so it should be very clean.

Step 5: Place Chicken in Crockpot

I put the chicken in and add a can of mushroom soup. And that's it! So in a few hours, I will have a very tasty chicken, with no skin and a drastically lower amount of fat in the juices. Perfect!

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    Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    12 years ago on Introduction

    why would you do such a horrible thing to that chicken. it spends it's whole life putting it's heart and soul into making sure it tastes as delicious as it possibly can and you rip 90% of the flavor right off his body... shame shame on you


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    LoL!  Well you know the saying "fat is flavor" 


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. This way there still enough fat to "flavor" the crock without overpowering it in 2 1/2 inches of grease. But I must admit: I do like the skin when fried and crunchy. So this is good (better for me!). Nice 'ible. Thanks!