Introduction: Amoureux De La Poutine

These instructions are here to help you make Québécois poutine with minimal effort!

I got hooked on poutine as a young Canadian just outside the small town of Alymer, Québec. There was a truck called “Le Spot” where I would go after a day of water sports on the Ottawa River. After some wholesome summer activities, it was time for some unwholesome, yet terribly delicious poutine!

Step 1: Get the Goods

  1. St. Hubert poutine sauce

  2. Frozen french fries

  3. Squeaky cheese curds

Step 2: Preparation

  1. Take fries out of freezer.
  2. Let fries sit in bag at least 45min to soften.
  3. Break up cheese curds in bowl.

Step 3: Directions

  • Add water to gravy packet and leave on low heat stirring.
  • Layer cheese, fries and gravy.

  • Add fries to vegetable oil on medium high heat for 20min or until soft and golden.

Step 4: Enjoy!