Introduction: Eco-Friendly Speakers

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Items Need:-

  1. Ruler & Pencils.
  2. Newspapers.
  3. Bowl Of Water.
  4. Glue.
  5. Card Boards.
  6. Geometry Rounder.
  7. Plastic Pad.
  8. Scissor.
  9. Old Speakers. (Working Properly)
  10. Batteries.
  11. Tissue Paper.
  12. Black Paint & Paint Brush.

Step 1: (Bowl of Water, Newspaper, Ruler & Plastic Pad.)

  • Take a news paper and tare it into small pieces.
  • Then soak the pieces into the water and make a papers mash.
  • After making the paper mash, keep it in the sun light for 2 days to get it dry.
  • After that cut the paper mash in to rectangle shape carefully.

Step 2: (Glue, Card Board, Ruler, Pencil & Scissor.)

  • Take the 3 paper mash's which you have cut in rectangular shape with scissor.
  • Apply glue on the edges on the all the papers mash's and attach it like its shown in the image.
  • Cut the card boards into 2 square shapes and 1 in rectangular shape.
  • Attach the 2 square shaped card boards with the paper mash's for making rectangular speaker box.

Step 3: (Speakers, Card Board, Geometry Rounder, Glue, Batteries, Scissor, Ruler & Pencil.)

  • Take the rectangular card board.
  • Draw 2 circles on the card board for speakers.
  • Draw a small rectangle in middle of the card board as shown in the image.
  • Now cut the rectangular shape and circular shape for fitting the on/off and volume button. And also the speakers.
  • Then apply glue on the edge of the speakers and attach it on the card board.
  • Fit the on/off and volume button in middle.

Step 4: (Paper Mash Speaker Box & Front Card Board With Speakers.)

  • Take the paper mashed speaker box and front rectangular card board.
  • Apply glue on the edges of paper mashed speaker box and rectangular card board.
  • Now attach the rectangular card board to paper mashed speaker box.

Step 5: (Glue, Tissues, Bowl of Water, Black Paint & Paint Brush.)

  • Take some water in a bowl and mix glue in it.
  • After mixing the glue in water take a paint brush and some tissues.
  • Take a tissue and place it on the speaker. After placing the tissue on the speaker put some glue water on the tissue with paint brush.
  • Cover all place in the speaker with tissue.
  • When the tissue gets dry, paint it black with paint brush.
  • Now your speaker is complete so go start playing your favorite music.

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