Introduction: Eco-friendly Oil Candle

Super simple eco-friendly oil candle. 
Takes 5 minutes to make. 

Step 1: Materials

1) Soda can
2) Olive oil
3) Piece of fabric (100% cotton)
4) Scissors

Step 2: Cut

Cut soda can in half

Step 3: Fit

Fit one half of the can into another

Step 4: Hole

Make a little hole in the top of the can

Step 5: Olive Oil

Pour olive oil into the bottom of the can

Step 6: Soak

Soak the cotton fabric strip in the olive oil for couple minutes

Step 7: Pull

Pull the cotton strip thought the hole in the top of the can

Step 8: The Candle Is Ready

Light up the candle
The candle lasts up to 3 hours, then you can add another strip of cotton fabric and more oil.

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