Edc Bushcraft Kit

Introduction: Edc Bushcraft Kit

a Kir for every dat in the nature

Step 1: Mini Survival Kit

in the Kit Are the next items:
-Duck tape
-firesteel light my Fire
-opinel wetstone
-machtes and striker
-cotton balls
-water proof bag
-coffee filter
-aluminium foil

Step 2: Machtes

Make the machtes on the striker with tape

Step 3: Scalpels

do the Duck tape on the scalpels

Step 4: Aluminium Foil

do the alumium foil on the Paper and coffeefilter

Step 5: Finish the Mini Survival Kit

do every item in a box and do rubber bands on the box

Step 6: Pouch

do the Mini Survival Kit in a pouch

Step 7: Cook Set

do Tea bags in a Military mug and do there a fieldfles in. do the complete set in as pouch

Step 8: Military Bats

do paracord on it and do it in a pouch

Step 9: Finish

i Hope the set Help you and thank for Look this articel

Step 10:

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    4 years ago

    Great kit! Thanks for sharing!