Introduction: Edible Bell Pepper Mug

Bell peppers make excellent edible mugs.

Step 1: Get a Bell Pepper

First, let us buy a bell pepper.

When you get a bell pepper, look for the following:

- A bell pepper that can stand up when you set it on a counter.
- A large pepper that can hold a lot of liquid.

Any kind of sweet bell pepper will work for this tutorial. Green bell peppers are cheaper, and make good mugs for savory soups, tart teas, and coffee. They are not as sweet as the yellow, red, or orange bell peppers. Yellow, red, and orange bell peppers make good mugs for ciders, sweet teas, cereals, milk, and ice creams.

Step 2: Clean Out the Bell Pepper

Cut off the top of the Bellpepper with a knife. I cut straight across the top, like I am cutting the head off a carrot. This creates an edge that makes it easy to drink out of.

I do not carve the pepper like I am carving the top of a pumpkin. If you do that, you make it difficult to drink from.

Now I clean the bell pepper out. The bell pepper is mostly hollow inside. It has a bunch of seeds and some fleshy white tissue supporting the seeds. Take out the seeds and as much of the fleshy white tissue as you can. The fleshy white tissue is edible, but it does not taste good.

You are left with a cup. This cup is completely edible.

Step 3: Put Something in Your Mug

As you can see, with one pepper, I...

1. Ate cereal
2. Drank orange juice
3. Brewed a mug of hot tea,
4. Drank a mug of hot coffee

The mug is very re-usable.

A pepper mug is very good at holding hot liquid. The tea in the picture steeped in boiling water in the mug for 10 minutes, and I was able to pick up the mug without burning my hands.

I also poured steaming coffee into the mug, and while the pepper grew warm, it was not hot enough to make me feel uncomfortable. In fact, in the winter, the pepper mug serves as a hand-warmer.

As I poured hot water into the mug, I noticed that the mug was getting slightly cooked on the inside. It won't stand up to repeated hot liquid, but this one was good for at least three refills.

Step 4: Eat Your Mug

Now you can eat it! It will taste slightly of whatever you put in it.
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