Introduction: Edible Perler Beads

Hello there!

I have been a bit obsessed with Perler beads lately. Seriously, those little plastic beads are awesome. The pixel creations you can make are ENDLESS! They are so cute, you just wanna eat them up, and now you can!

Welcome, edible Perler beads!

These are made of rainbow Twizzlers and can be as big and complex, or small and simple as you want them to be (depending on your level of detail, and how hungry you are!).


1 package of Rainbow Twizzlers

2 sheets of parchment paper

an iron


Step 1: Cut the Beads

Cut as many "beads" as you need for your project. I made me beads just under 1 centimeter long.

You'll get around 20 or so beads per rope of Twizzlers.

Step 2: Arrange on Parchment

Put together a design or your choosing on a sheet or parchment paper. You can draw your design directly onto the parchment as a guide, or you can put a print out of your design underneath the parchment (you can see through the parchment), as I did in my second project (further on in this post).

Step 3: Paper on Top and Iron It

Put another layer of parchment paper on top of your design, and then iron on top or it all until the beads start to melt and fuse together (I put my iron on the "cotton" setting, and with NO steam).

Step 4: Melted! Flip and Melt the Other Side.

When side 1 is melted to your liking, flip the whole thing over (paper and all) and iron the other side until side 2 is melted.

Step 5: Now, a More Complex Design

I then thought to myself, "Sure, a little rainbow arc is nice, but I want something better!"

Behold, the bot.

I simply printed out a picture of the Instructables bot and used it as a guide under my paper to make an edible Perler Instructables bot!

Step 6: Iron That Bot

Iron on both sides, and done!

He's a little rough around the edges, but hey, it's TWIZZLERS guys.

Tweezers help to insert the hard-to-reach beads in place.

Tweezers + Twizzlers = Tweezlers. hehe.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Marvel at the glory of your creation, and eat it!

(P.S. Don't feed the candy to the cats. Twizzlers are even worse for animals than they are for people. XD)

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