Introduction: Effortless Pool Skimmer - Easy to Make

Skimming your pool can be a tiresome and monotonous task, yet necessary to keep your pool sparkling clean. This daily task can add up quickly in time and effort. Five minutes a day, averaging four months during the pool season can quickly exceed 10 hours. And it still needs skimming in the off season. What if there was an easier, cheaper way?

In this instructable, I will show you how I made an automated pool skimming tool that has saved me valuable time and effort, all while keeping my pool at its best.


  • Skimmer Net

  • 1/2 inch PVC Pipe

  • 1 1/4 inch PVC Pipe

  • 1/2 inch PVC 3 way or Tee connector

  • 2 1 1/4 inch Tee connectorAluminum screws


  • Screwdriver
  • PVC cutter or Hack Saw
  • Pvc glue (optional)

Step 1: Pick Your Mounting Point

I used the hook for a pool safety rope in my pool. Obviously, the mounting location will vary for different types of pools. The idea is to utilize the return jets and the pool's circulation pattern to best capture surface debris.

Step 2: Design the Mounting Arm

For the skimmer mounting arm, I use a combination of PVC pipes and fittings. One Tee connector attached to the pool and one Tee connector for the adjustable arm.

Step 3: Cut Your Pieces

Cut two notches in one of the Tee connectors to secure the mounting arm to the hook. Using a hack saw or PVC cutter, cut a small connecting piece for the two Tee connectors and a handle for the skimmer.

Step 4: Puting It All Together

Install the notched Tee connector to the pool hook. Add the second Tee connector as the arm. It should be snug, but able to rotate in order to adjust to the water level. Install the skimmer using the 1/2 inch handle and a 3 way or Tee connector. This connector allows you to easily remove the skimmer to clean.

You can optional use PVC glue or an aluminum screw to secure the handle to the skimmer.

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