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Introduction: Egg Drop

Are you a teacher looking for a fun hands on assighnment or are you a student looking for ideas on how to make your egg drop well heres something for both.For the teacher a eggdrop is where the student must make a contraption to drop from a certain height with a egg inside that must not break.THis could beheld as a compitition (suggested) or just a fun experiment.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need,
In this bag you can put materials that you see fit for your students to use (note: there should be same thing in every team/ones bag)
in my BAG'O FUN I had 
2 cups
3 squares of toilet paper
1 paper
2 poster cards
7 tooth picks
1 bag
3cotton balls
1 yard of sring
1 pencile
and tape

Step 2: Students Ideas

For the teacher give the bags to the students and tell them the rules you come up with you can also give them time limits.For the students get the supplies and think of some ideas here is one students.He planed to put padding on the inside adn have it rotate with a pericute to slow it down.

Step 3: Padding

First he took the cup and made a landing system using tooth picks. Then he put the cotton balls in bottom and used the second cup to cover the top.

Step 4: Slow Down

then he made the tilted wings useing poster cards and tape. Then the paracute he used the plastic bag attached with string to the cup.

Step 5: Conclusion

He should of covered more surface area to cause greater friction and slow down faster!

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    I did something similar in my high school science class. We had to some sort of container at home and bring it to school to drop eggs in it. The winner was determined by the highest height the egg was dropped by the height of their container.

    I used a very thing box filled with sand and it worked very well until I dropped the egg and missed the container, smashing into the cement. Another person filled a bow with honey which caught an egg from a higher distance than mine but since he skipped ahead to the highest point instead of going through each one (which would have posed more chance for accidental breakage, as happened to me) it was called a tie.

    So the lesson here is that sand or honey (or maybe sand mixed with honey?) can be great additions to consider when making one of these. I do like the idea of giving each team the same supplies though to see how they use it differently.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you and I appreciated the story and I like how y'all did it at your school nice idea might have to try it some time.