Introduction: Egg in the Hole

How to make 'Egg In The Hole' or fried egg in bread.

You need

1. Bread.
2. Eggs,
3. Cookie-cutter (any shape!) or just a knife suitable to cut hole in bread.
4. Oil for frying (Olive oil).

Step 1: Make Hole in Bread.

Take your cookie-cutter and cut a hole in the centre of a slice of bread. Kids can help with this part. Unusually-shaped cutters might be more fun.

Step 2: Fry Bread

Preheat pan. Place bread in a medium-hot pan, frying side one for a minute or so.

Step 3: Flip Bread.

Flip the bread over when brown. Turn the heat down a bit..

Step 4: Break Eggs.

Quickly, as soon as you flip the bread, break an egg into the hole. Make sure the bread and egg cook at the same time, not too hot, not too cold.

Step 5: the Hole. Fry...

Don't forget and burn the 'door'. Make sure your 'hole' is big enough for your egg. You can watch your egg cook. Don't worry if you break the yolk as the hole keeps it all together.

Step 6: ...and Serve.

Place the door over the hole as kids love peeking inside. (Meat is optional).