Introduction: Egg Jelly Jewels

These egg jelly jewels are both weird and pretty at the same time, but also double as a home remedy to boost your immune system with added vitamin C and antioxidants!

Setting the jelly in the egg shell also helps draw the vitamins and protein from the membrane into the jelly.

Plus, you can also use the eggs leftover to make loads of healthy snacks like egg fried rice, omelettes; or even try making a face mask with egg whites and crushed up egg shells once you've finished eating your jellies!

You will need:

  • Eggs (The recipe could stretch to 5 jellies so up to 5 eggs depending on how many you need)
  • Gelatin (or agar if you are vegetarian)
  • Water
  • sugar
  • Handful of dried rose buds
  • Dried infusion of fruit (your choice but strawberry and apple works well with the rose buds)

Step 1: Make a Hole in the Egg Shell

Use a knife or a pin to make a hole in the egg shell. I used a knife and tapped on the top to slowly make the hole, so that the shell didn't crack.

I then made the hole slightly bigger so that I would be able to remove the egg inside and fill the shell with jelly later.

Step 2: Remove the Egg From the Shell

Next, remove the egg from the shell. You will need to pop the yolk first so that it can be drained out easily and doesn't crack the shell as it comes out.

Step 3: Clean the The Shell

Make sure you clean out the shell properly, and leave it to dry fully.

Step 4: Add the Flavour

You could customise the ingredients used in this step based on what types of flavours you prefer. I've used dried rose buds and a dried infusion of apple, blueberry and strawberry, which is usually used in herbal tea and it worked really well.

Whichever flavours you choose, you will need to measure out one teaspoon of each into a cup or bowl - (I just added a small handful of the rose buds)

Step 5: Add Boiling Water and Leave to Diffuse

Next, add boiling water to the dried ingredients to bring out the flavour, and give it a few stirs. (This stage smells amazing).

Step 6: Soak the Gelatin in Cold Water

Now, you will need to soak 3 leaves of gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes. (If you are a vegetarian you could substitute the gelatin for agar)

Step 7: Heat Up the Water

Next, heat up 300 ml of water on a low heat. Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar to the water (depending on how sweet you prefer things)

Step 8: Add the Gelatin to the Water Pot

Then, squeeze the excess liquid out of the gelatin and put it in the pan with the sugared water. Melt it slowly over a low heat. This shouldn't take very long - possibly 1-2 minutes depending on how long you have been heating the sugar water.

Step 9: Place Fruit and Buds Into the Shell Mould

Now you need to place the rose buds and fruit infusion pieces into the shell. Evenly space the flavours into the shells. The rose buds will float near the top, while the fruit pieces will drift to the bottom so there will be an even distribution of bits in the jelly when it is set.

Step 10: Pour the Jelly Into the Moulds

Next, pour the jelly into the moulds through the hole you made in the top. Make sure you fill it to the top, and wipe anyway any of the liquid that you spill down the sides.

Step 11: Leave the Jelly to Set

Now you can leave the jelly to set. You can put them in the fridge to speed things along, but because they are small they should only take about 2 hours maximum to set properly.

Step 12: Serve and Enjoy!

That's it! Leave in the shell and serve so people can get a great surprise when they crack open the shell and discover a sweet dessert inside!

Or just peel of the shell yourself and show off your beautiful egg jelly jewels!

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