Introduction: Egg Omelet's Soup - Easy and Very Tasty!

About: 24 years old, Paramedic and actually on my first year of Physiotherapy. I consider myself a very imaginative person, that likes to do new things and learn everything I could.

In my family we are used to have breakfast on Sundays with this delicious soup, with few ingredients and quick cooking… I don't know if there's another recipe or if it already exist, but until now I never saw this soup (At least in my country), my mom just says that is a family recipe. I eat it too in cold days and it’s a good start for a laborious day.

Step 1: Ingredients

The principal ingredient for an Egg Omelet's Soups is... Eggs!! But you still will need some others things or it will be just water and eggs...

  • Eggs (Obviously)
  • Some potatoes, of your choice. Yellow Potatoes (Papa Criolla) are best for give a nice texture to soup.
  • Onion
  • Coriander
  • Culantro (Not the same that Coriander, but often confused with)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste.


  • I often mix the eggs with chopped hot dogs and garlic, you can try that too =)
  • If you couldn't find Coriander and/or Culantro, just use some of your favorite herbs/condiments.

Step 2: Chop, Mix and Cook.

Start chopping your potatoes and onion. The potatoes are cut in slices or small cubes, the onion finely chopped.

• Put all these in a pot with water, salt and pepper at taste, some leaves of Coliantro (Or your chosen condiment) and start to cook. Keep on high temperature for quick cooking. (Cutting the potatoes in slices or small pieces helps to do this soup faster).

• While the potatoes are cooking, mix in a bowl some eggs and a little of salt (Remember that you already added salt to the water), then pour into a hot pan with a little oil. In this case, keep low the temperature to cook the eggs consistently and cover it with a lid if it's possible.

• When the omelets are ready, cut into medium/small pieces and add to the water with the potatoes, add a raw egg, some chopped coriander and mix it. Wait until the potatoes are soft and the raw egg that you have just added is cooked.

Step 3: Is Just Egg-cellent!

That's all! A very easy-tasty soup, low cost and fast to do it.

You can make your own variations on this soup, like adding hot dogs to the omelet, ciboulette, carrots or whatever you want. Accompany it with some toasts or bread and coffee.

If you make your own version, don't forget to show it in comments =)

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