Introduction: Egg in an Avocado Hole

A quick and healthy recipe to start your morning off right. Egg in an Avocado Hole is delicious and has definitely become a staple in my breakfast routine and maybe yours too!

Breakfast can be tough, we're not always ready to eat first thing in the morning. Even if we are hungry, it often seems to be easier to grab a sugary cereal than simply make a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I've been looking for a stand-in breakfast recipe for sometime now to through into my breakfast routine. I stumbled upon this one in the Epicurious blog the other day and didn't want to wait for them to publish the elusive recipe (they were going to wait a day), so I started researching and came across the one I'm sharing in this Instructable. 

As a final bonus, this recipe can easily be gluten-free or paleo friendly!

Step 1: Ingredients


  • Two Eggs 

  • One Avocado

  • Spoon

  • Knife

  • Baking Dish

  • Small Bowl

Optional Garnishes:

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Kale Strips

  • Bacon

  • Chives

  • Cheese

  • Hot Sauce

  • Get Creative!!

Step 2: Prep Your Avocado

Turn your oven on to 425 F.

While it's heating up you can prepare your avocado. Start by slicing your avocado in half lengthwise. Remove the pit and compost it. Using your spoon, gently scrape and scoop out a small portion of the hole left by the pit in your avocado. This will allow you to fit more egg into your avocado half. 

Step 3: Eggs

Crack your eggs into a bowl. Using a regular teaspoon or tablespoon, gently scoop one of your yolks out of the bowl and place it into one of your avocado halves. Fill the remainder of the space in your avocado with egg white. 

Repeat with the second egg and avocado half. 

Step 4: Bake 'Em

Place your freshly egged avocado halves in a small baking dish. You'll want your avocados to be fairly snug so that they don't tip over letting the egg run out of the center. I've found that my bread loaf baking dish is perfect for most larger avocados. If you need to find a smaller vessel or use tin foil to secure your avocados from rolling. 

Bake your Egg in an Avocado Hole for 15-20 minutes  at 425F depending on your oven and how well done you like your eggs. 

Once baked to your preferred egg doneness, remove your baking dish from the oven and allow the avocados to cool for roughly a minute before removing them from the dish.

Step 5: Garnish

Salt and pepper to taste.

Top with your favorite garnishes. I listed a few of mine in step 1 in the Ingredients section, but get creative! 

Step 6: Serve

Serve with some fresh fruit and enjoy!  Some people also like them served with toast so they can spread the buttery avocado and delicious yolk on a crunchy piece of toast.

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