Introduction: Eggless Cupcake - Vegan Marshmallow - Cream Less Ice Cream

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Hello Everybody,

In this instructable I'm gonna show to make your own desserts and enjoy them in the way to want with less ingredients and with less effort. really !!! Even though in quarantine, become more lazy to do complicated stuff, I am a vegetarian and we all know that egg have been declared vegetarian, still i don't prefer it in any of my dishes. That's how my journey began for eggless baking.

Universal way of marshmallow is using gelatin, corn syrup, egg whites as base ingredients. But after googling i preferred to make it in vegan style. I never thought marshmallow will be that much fluffy.

I can eat cream, but the problem is after lockdown its not available any store.. i mean literally cream or cream related product rack have been cleared off. But we are in summer, how to enjoy the summer without ice cream. Of course we need to make it in our way with ingredients readily available at home !!

Those who are like me struggling to enjoy the dish such marshmallow or cupcake without egg content. You should take a look at this. I bet this will be really helpful

Step 1: Ingredients for Cupcake (8Nos)

For Base batter

1) All Purpose flour - 1 Cup

2) Butter - 1/4 Cup

3) Milk - 1 Cup

4) Baking powder - 2 Tsp

5) Vanilla syrup - 1 Tbsp

6) Sugar - 3/4 Cup

7) Food colouring - Blue & Pink (optional)

8) Cocoa powder - 1 tsp

Ya that's all.. wait.. wait.. am i forgetting something ? of course eggs !! they create structure and stability within a batter, they add moisture to cakes. To my bad luck and those who don't prefer or can't egg take due to allergic reaction have to bend this rule. I did a lot of research for replacing egg with correct ingredients, its not that easy to find a correct substitute.

You can double up or halve the recipe as per your requirement

Step 2: Egg Substitutes

In order to find out the exact one which helps you, I'm gonna bake the cupcake with four egg substitute which i found online and find out which one works best as expected.

For one egg equivalent substitutes quantities are

1) Apple cider vinegar - 1 Tbsp + Baking soda - 1 Tsp

2) Mashed Ripe Banana - 1/4 Cup

3) Chia seeds - 1 Tbsp + water - 3 Tbsp

4) Flax seed powdered - 1 Tbsp + water - 3 Tbsp

So are you excited to know which one actually worked out, scroll down find out !!

Step 3: Combine Dry Ingredients

Add in the dry ingredients

Sift all purpose flour, baking powder and sugar. Combine them add a pinch of salt. I'm using salted butter so i omitted in the ingredient, but if you are using unsalted add salt. Salt has the power to enhance of everything it is in.

Step 4: Wet Ingredients

Don't get intimidated, that melted butter.

Add Vanilla syrup and milk, give it a whisk

Step 5: Prepare the Base Batter

Add the wet ingredient mixture to dry ingredient combo and starting blending until they get combined without lumps.

Step 6: Egg Substitute 2#

Egg substitute 1# doesn't need pre-peparation, but other substitute require,

Mash up the banana nicely with a fork. It should be slimy

Step 7: Egg Substitute 3#

Soak the chia seeds in water, set it aside for 20 mins. It will absorb the water and turn into jelly like form

Step 8: Egg Substitute 4#

Ground the flax seeds into powder using blender, add listed water and let it soak for 10 - 15 mins. To check it with spoon, it will be sticky just like egg whites

Step 9: Divide and Conquer

Divide the batter equally in four bowls since we are gonna check for four variants of egg substitutes. I thought it would nice and easy to differentiate it with each other by using colours to finalise the ultimate best egg substitute. so each will different colours

Step 10: Add in Egg Rescuers

1) For blue colour i added egg substitute 1# Apple cider vinegar + Baking soda , you can see the reaction in image.

2) No colour - added egg substitute 2# - Mashed banana

3) Chocolate - added egg substitute 3# - Chia jelly

4) Pink - added egg substitute 4# - Flax seed

After adding this you need little whisk with strong hands for mixing up or you can use a blender.

Step 11: It's Baking Time

Pour the colourful batters in cup, each colour comes for two quantity.

Preheat the oven, 190 C

Bake for 17 mins

Step 12: Inspection

After baking, check whether cupcakes are baked well by inserting a tooth pick. if tooth pick comes out clean you are good to go.

I have cut them vertically half to depict the quantity of cup cakes

Step 13: Analysis

1) Blue cupcake with egg substitute 1# was moist at center, very fluffy and curved hemisphere at the top of cupcake, But 190C baking is little high for this combination as it turned out browning on the top and even little bit on the sides, so i recommend 175 or 180 C for 15 mins.

2) Plain cupcake with egg substitute 2# was spongy, mixed with banana flavour and little truncated at top. Also baking temperature for this combination is 180 C for 17 mins.

3) Chocolate cupcake with egg substitute 3# was spongy but little dense. There was no browning, hence 190 with 17 mins works fine

4) Pink cupcake with egg substitute 4# was chewy but nicely baked top layer got cracks on them it didn't rise above the original batter level, again there was no browning hence 190 with 17 mins works fine.

Step 14: Result

As per analysis, i hope you know the result already. My preference for eggless baking is Egg substitute 1# i.e., Apple cider vinegar (normal vinegar also works) + Baking soda. It was so fluffy & moist at the center and melted away in mouth .. Kidding !! you have to bit it, but it does tastes real good

Step 15: Vegan Marshmallow

Its not vegan, its plain and simple 3 ingredient recipe and can be made without a cooking thermometer.

Ingredient list

1) Agar Agar (China grass) - 2 Tbsp

2) Sugar - 1 Cup + 2 Tbsp

3) Corn flour - 1/4 Cup

4) Pink colour (Optional)

Step 16: Get Agar Agar Ready

Agar agar is nothing but a sea weed, which acts a substitute for Gelatin. It can be used in any kind of jelly preparation like pudding, gummy bears, mousse etc

My agar agar was in square sheet form, i blended them.

Add 1/4 cup of cold water and let it sit for 15 mins

Step 17: Pre Arrangment

Take 2 Tbsp of sugar and grind it super fine, along with it add cornflour.

Set up the parchment paper in the bake tin, of course we are not gonna bake, I'm just using it because its square in shape.

Now dust the above the parchment paper and on the sides,

Why do we have to do it, coz you'll know in the below steps. you'll thank yourself later

Step 18: Sugar Syrup

Sugar and water should be in the ratio of 2:1 while agar agar is soaking, let's bring the sugar to boil. Here there is trick for those like me who don't have a thermometer.

Once sugar dissolves in water and its in medium flame, it will start getting sticky. after good boiling for 10 mins. Take cup water and drop few drops of sugar boiling mixture into it. If forms a ball or sticky to vessel and doesn't dissolve in the water. That is our cue to add soaked agar agar.

Add it and stir it until it gets completely dissolved in it

Step 19: Pre Marshmallow Stage

See how vibrant it looks. Its in golden colour and the temperature is high

Step 20: Whipping

One important thing here is, you have to start the whipping while mixture still is in hot state.

First it turn from golden to littles white on top with little bubbles after 5 mins of continuous whipping colour changes to white and mixture will no longer be syrupy it will be like gum, not only sticky but dense.

You'll know you are done, when there are folding like the last image.

Step 21: Colouring & Pouring

I added pink food colouring and mixed using spatula.

Finally pour the content to dusted tin container and let it sit overnight

Step 22: After Leaving Overnight

Before unwrapping, dust the flour or silicon mat with powdered sugar and corn flour mixture.

Take it out and start unwrapping, the dusted parchment caused no trouble, as it was able come out easy peesy. Marshmallow kinda stick to the corner or bottom while settling down. That's why this precautionary measure have to be taken

Step 23: Cute Little Smore's

Take a pizza cutter or bring knife while cutting, apply dusted powder and cut into little pieces.

Then coat each one with dusting powder separately.

Enjoy this in your hot cocoa or anything you prefer little extra sugar in sponge format ;)

Step 24: Ice Cream Without Cream

You scream , I scream everybody screams for Ice cream !!! Everybody loves ice cream with no age restrictions. But here I'm about present a way to prepare ice cream without cream like heavy cream or fresh cream or not even condensed milk. As a matter of fact no egg whites too its not mandatory but mostly its added to make creamy texture.


1) Milk - 750 ml

2) Brown sugar - 3/4 Cup

3) Cocoa powder - 2 Tsp if you wanna make chocolate ice cream.

4) Hazelnut flavour (optional) - 1 tsp

5) Wheat flour - 1/3 Cup + Milk - 1/2 Cup (Cream substitute)

Step 25: Cream Substitute

Sift the wheat flour, you change it to all purpose flour too if you wish. Add milk and combine well without lumps.

Step 26: Let It Boil

Pour milk in a thick bottomed vessel and stir occasionally, when its about to rise up add the sugar and stir continuously until the sugar get dissolved

Step 27: Is It Getting Creamy Here

After sugar dissolving , add the cream substitute and mix it very well without any lumps. It doesn't get dissolved easily, it does have lot stir to do to mix well

Step 28: Flavouring... Its Touch Decision

After sometime the mixture get thicker and denser, so to say creamier

Let it cool down and add the cocoa powder and hazelnut flavour or you just add vanilla flavouring alone or even you can fresh fruits like mango or water melon or strawberry. Just add as per your preference

Step 29: Blending

Give it a good run and pour into a air container and freeze it for 4 hours

Step 30: Do It Again

Since i want a shop based creamier texture and soft icecream, blend again the semisolid in blender and pour it back. Now let it freeze overnight

Step 31: Get Your Scoops.. It's Hot Outside

After required time of freezing, scoop it up as much you want..share with your family too...

Add sprinkles or chocolate drizzled above it or just eat like that. In either ways its good

Step 32: Thank You

I very much enjoyed doing this (as well eating ;P), this is a perfect time to enhance your skill and yourself. These are very easy to make doesn't require a chef quality to make it. If i can pull this off in my first attempt definitely you can do it.

Also i believe my analysis for egg substitute would be useful to someone, if so post thoughts as comment. Would love to hear about it.

Enjoy summer indoors !!


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