Introduction: El Cheapo Low Tech Recycled DC Generator

Motors are generators too! Pick up a spent cordless drill at a garage sale. Recycle the battery and all the parts except the chuck, motor and gear reduction. When driven the whole thing becomes a generator. The out put voltage and current can  almost approximate the running current and voltage as if it were a motor.

Step 1: Mounting and Housing

If your generator is going to be outside it needs some protection and a mounting.
2x4 mount
ring clamp large enough to fit around body of reduction
2 metal  brackets
4 screws
Epoxy glue slow set

The ring clamp is mounted to the wood with the metal brackets over the ring clamp
Apply glue and let it set up. 

Step 2: Mean While

Cut a hole in a standard cottage cheese container and glue the generator/ reduction assembly to it.
When the ring clamp and mount are hardened, clamp the ring clamp to the  widest part of the reduction and glue. If you have any fiberglass, now is the time to apply it.  The recycled generator fits nicely onto the shaft of the "Flying Lizard" windmill  by tightening the chuck onto the output shaft running down from the right angle drive. This is actually a picture of the generator after it was taken off the windmill after two years of running.

Step 3: Generator Reduction and Cover Assembly

The upgearing is provided by driving the chuck at about the same speed as the drill bit would be turning. The highest voltage attained was 10 volts and 5 amps in a 20 mph wind. 

Step 4: Ready to Mount

Put the bottom cover on and its ready to mount.