Introduction: Election Sign Tomato Cage

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Its that time of year again when left over election signs litter our neighborhoods. But have no fear, we have some good uses for those forgotten materials. These sturdy long lasting tomato cages made from the reclaimed bases of election signs and will last longer than your elected officials while looking sharp in your garden.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Taking election signs before an election is stealing. However after an election this becomes more of a grey legal area. In our municipality officials have 10 days after an election to pick up their old election signs, after which they are fair game. Know your local laws before sourcing materials for this project, often times candidates will want their elections signs back for future runs for office, but many times they won't.

Look for discarded signs in alleys or contact officials after an election to see if you can have their old signs, more often than not they are stuck with a pile of them that they don't know what to do with and are happy to donate them.

Hopefully you are active enough in your area that you have your own elections signs like we do and are just looking for a creative way to re-purpose the materials. For this project you will only need the wire supports, but don't worry...we are working on projects for the actual signs as well and will post those soon.

Step 2: Materials

3 or 4 sign bases

Pliers (honestly we just used our hands, but pliers may be helpful)

Spray Paint (if you're feeling fancy)

Step 3: The Four Sign Method

Take four sign bases and stick them in the ground in a square shape. Bend the top wires along the cross supports of the cage next to it then twist around the cross support. Then take the other wire and cross it over the other support and twist.

You could probably just stop at this point and you would have a sturdy plant support, but we chose to also take one of the lower wires and twist around the other cross support to give some additional structure.

We also always seem to have a little extra spray paint lying around and it never hurts to give a little extra protection and a splash of color to the garden area.

Step 4: Alternate Shapes

It would be even easier to make this with three signs and make it into a triangle, but the sky is the limit so get creative and let us know what you come up with.

Step 5: Enjoy!

These make great sturdy cages for any plants that happen to need a little extra support and will last for years.

We are also working on some light shades made out of the actual signs so stay tuned for more.