Introduction: Electric Motors

This Instructable shows you the different ways to use small electric motors. You will need a motor (duh),some batteries, and a paper clip.

Step 1: Basic

Okay... so... just take two (2) batteries (doesen't matter what kind- except you cannot use "c" batteries. For 9v, you just need one.)Okay, so, take the batteries, take one and put it so the top is positive, and the other battery is negative. Oh yeah, almost forgot the paper clip... make the paper cip so it is touching both of the bottom terminals. Put the motor on top. Does it work? If not, make adjustments.

Or............... follow the pics. Oh yeah, its the same picture... Oh well... middle and right one.

Step 2: One Battery

Well, the title gives it away- one battery. So... get out a single battery, some copper wire, and motor.

For the rest, follow the picture. And Ps, wire needs to be stripped at both ends.

Uggg... one more thing, the wire needs to be touching the solder connection (the little copper connection thing on the motor. This needs to be held in place.)Okay, maybe two... positive terminal of battery touches one solder connection.

Okay, to finish it of, touch the other end of the wire to negative terminal of battery.

Step 3: The Only Other Way

Put solder connections in the terminals of the 9v.

Viola!!!! The only ways I know of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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