Introduction: Electric Pencil Sharpener Machine

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Pencil sharpeners are essential equipments for every school going child. It is not only required by students but as well as teachers to sharpen the pencil in bulk for students. It is a very tedious and tiring task to sharpen pencils for whole class using a manual sharpener but no any more.

In this Instructable, i decided to make an amazing Electric Pencil Sharpener machine that is very quick and useful. This pencil sharpener has a separate container to accumulate the pencil shaving that can be easily cleaned in about a minute. The pencil sharpener machine is just made from cardboard and a geared DC motor.

Step 1: Order Parts

Step 2: Watch the Video

A video is a great tool that helps in understanding the procedure and makes it easy to follow. It is recommended to watch the video as it provides deep insight to the procedure, however, also visit next steps for additional information and images.

Step 3: Combine DC Motor and Sharpener

  1. Take a Plastic bottle cap and mark the center point.
  2. Using a mini drill and knife cut a rectangular slit at the center of the cap.
  3. Take a geared DC motor and and fix the bottle cap on the motor shaft.
  4. Take a manual pencil sharpener.
  5. Using a mini Drill, make a rectangular hole opposite to the pencil hole in the sharpener.
  6. Fix the sharpener on the motor shaft over the bottle cap.
  7. Secure the sharpener and bottle cap to the motor shaft using hot glue.
  8. Make sure that the pencil hole in sharpener is in line with the motor shaft.

Note: You can watch the video or read the instructable to make a mini PCB drill at home using a DC motor.

Step 4: Make Cardboard Pieces

  1. Cut a cardboard piece of size 7.5 cm x 6.3 cm.
  2. Paste the motor mechanism at the center of the cardboard as shown in the image above.
  3. Make sure that the sharpener hole aligns with the top edge of the cardboard.
  4. Cut another cardboard piece of size 15 cm x 7 cm.
  5. Paste the smaller piece with DC motor perpendicular to the base as shown in the image.
  6. Cut two identical cardboard pieces as shown in the last image.
  7. Attach a switch at one of the cardboard pieces.

Step 5: Make Connections

  1. Using Hot glue, paste the cardboard piece at one of the sides.
  2. Take the cardboard piece with switch and connect the wires to the motor.
  3. Also, take a battery and connect the wires to complete the circuit.
  4. The circuit should be connected in order to just control the motor with a switch.
  5. Cut another cardboard piece of about 7 cm x 6 cm.
  6. Paste the cardboard piece at the bottom of the sharpener as shown in the attached image.

Step 6: Complete the Enclosure

  1. Cut two cardboard pieces as shown in the image above.
  2. Make sure to cut a battery door in one of the pieces.
  3. Refer to the image above and paste both the cardboard pieces as shown.
  4. Take a cardboard and remove the top thick layer from it.
  5. Using hot glue, paste the cardboard in order to close the enclosure.
  6. The sharpener box is now almost complete with a semi - cylindrical roof.

Note: Make sure to watch the video to avoid any errors.

Step 7: Make Dust Container

  1. Cut two identical small pieces of cardboard.
  2. Cut the cardboard pieces in such a way that they resemble a window door.
  3. Paste the pieces of optical sheet in the cardboard window doors.
  4. Refer to the image above and make the dust container.
  5. Make sure not to use excessive glue at the edges to avoid friction while inserting the dust container in the sharpener.
  6. Insert the dust container in the sharpener and make sure it gets fixed smoothly.

Step 8: Insert the Battery

  1. Open the battery door at the back and insert a battery.
  2. Close the battery door to use the sharpener.

Our Pencil Sharpener machine is now ready.

  1. Switch On the machine.
  2. Insert the pencil in the hole.
  3. Hold the pencil sharpener machine tightly.
  4. The pencil gets sharpen very quickly and easily.

So Friends, this here concludes the instructable, stay tuned and follow my instructables profile for regular updates. In case you might have missed, watch the video and see how i made this wonderful Pencil Sahrpener Machine at home.

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I also made a simple version of an electric pencil sharpener. Have a look at the instructable here or watch the video below.

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