Introduction: Electronic Eye Controlled Security System Part 2

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In this project, we will see a simple Home Security application called Electronic Eye Controlled Security System using LDR as the main sensor and a few other components.

The electronic eye is also called the magic eye. As automation is an emerging technology these days, just imagine a doorbell that automatically rings when a person visits your home. This also provides security when any person is trying to enter your home without your permission. The electronic eye is a simple electronic device that continuously watches if anyone is visiting your home.

Step 1: Fabricated Board From LionCircuits

The image shows the fabricated PCB board from LionCircuits. Let’s starts with the assembly of this board.

Step 2: Components Assembled Board

The above figure shows all components are assembled on the PCB Board. This circuit can be divided into two parts. One is the power supply and the other is the logic circuit. In the power supply circuit, a 9V supply from a battery is converted to the 5V. The logic circuit operates the buzzer and an LED when any shadow falls on the LDR.

The power supply circuit consists of a battery, diode, regulator, and capacitors. Initially, a 9V battery is connected to the diode. The diode used here is a simple P-N junction diode of the 1N4007 series. In this circuit, 1N4007 is connected in the forward bias condition.

Step 3: Working

The above figures show the working of Electronic Eye Controlled Security System. The right side image indicates the LDR in the dark condition and the left image indicates the LDR in the light condition.

How to Operate the Electronic Eye Controlled Security System Circuit?

  • Initially, connect the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram on a breadboard.
  • Now connect the supply voltage of 9V using a battery.
  • Place the Light Dependent Resistor in light. You can observe no sound is produced from the buzzer.
  • Place the LDR in dark and the buzzer starts making a sound. Also, the LED connected to the buzzer will be turned ON.
  • As the intensity falling on the LDR increases the sound produced by the buzzer increases.

Electronic Eye Controlled Security System Applications

  • This can be used indoor bell circuits.
  • This can be used in garage door opening circuits.
  • The electronic eye can be used in security applications.