Introduction: Elegant Floral Pumpkin

Not every Halloween decoration need to be terrifying (as fun as that can be). These elegant pumpkins can add a classy touch to your home, and work great as centerpieces. Also, they work as great decorations for all of Fall, not just Halloween.

Step 1: Materials

  • A fake pumpkin (we want this to last over the years)
  • Various Fall, Halloween, and burlap ribbons
  • Fall floral from you craft store (get a variety of items such as leaves, yellow and orange flowers)
  • Burlap roses
  • We also got some gold accent pieces such as some acorns
  • Hot Glue
  • Floral wire

Really, there is no set way of making these pumpkins. We decided to make two, since with all of the floral and ribbon we had to buy for one, it only costs a tiny bit more to make two. Be creative in your designs. Maybe lookup online some floral arrangements that you like, or just explore the craft store to see what flowers might inspire you.

Step 2: Add Ribbon to the Pumpkin

Cut off some lengths of ribbon. Feel free to curl them if you'd like. I then pinched the center of the ribbon, and closed it with a little hot glue. I then glued that to the top of the pumpkin. Different colors and textures can make this project really fun.

Step 3: Ripple Ribbon

For a ripple effect, I wove one of the ribbons up and down through my fingers. It's simple, but also adds variety to your pumpkin.

Step 4: Start Adding Flowers

I started with the big burlap roses. Cut off the stems, and hot glue them to the center of the pumpkin. Have them pointing away from each other. If there are burlap leaves on the stem, save them to add to the pumpkin as well.

Step 5: Continue Adding Flowers and Leaves

Keep on adding them in there. be sure to step back occasionally to be sure that it looks good from a distance. Be creative and see what arrangements you can come up with. Don't forget to add leaves.

Step 6: Smaller Flowers

To add the smaller flowers, I trimmed the stems off. Then I glued a piece of floral wire into the flower. Form a loop on the other side to add more of a base. That will make it easier to glue to the pumpkin, as well as position and shape. I included a picture underneath the flowers to see how the wires are inside.

Step 7: Add the Small Details

Finally, I added some berries and sparkly acorns to finish things off. They just added some fun accents to the whole piece.

Step 8: Go and Display You Masterpiece

Now that you are done, go find a table somewhere and display your work. Be creative and have fun with your creations (or just feel free to copy what I did, I won't be offended). Be sure to show me your arrangements in the comments!

(As a note, this project was completed by the lovely wife of the usual author. Enjoy!)

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