Elephant Ornaments

Introduction: Elephant Ornaments

Hi all hear is a nice and simple weekend project for any skill ability
If you like please could you vote for me in the contest

On with the ible hope you enjoy
I have had a large sheet of steel sat out in the yard for years left over from a previous project.

I kept looking at it thinking what can I do with it and one day whilst flicking round the web came across an image I thought would work really well

My artistic skills are poor even on basic shapes so I had a great idea I have a 50" smart tv so why not use the browser and get the image I want on the tv then tape some paper over the image using low stick tape then using a dry board marker trace the image

(Use dry board not permanent incase the ink bleeds through the paper on to your tv screen )

Cut out the image from the paper in my case an elephant and baby and mark it on the steel then jig saw it out simple as that.

Once finished run a file round the edge taking off the rough edge and leave outside to rust the cut edges.

I like it in the rust colour so I left it untouched and clear lacquered to seal

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