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Introduction: Elton John Glasses With T-Glase

I've been exploring making 3D objects from 2D shapes. Glasses are fun and useful and I found a simple connection works to hold the novelty glasses together. Star shapes are a terrific application of Zotebook, the iPad app I am using, and can be made with any number of points quickly.

I stuck with the traditional John Elton 5 point star here because it's a classic. And I wanted to try out T-Glase filament with the 3D printer. It also works with a laser cutter and craft cutter.

I'm including all 3 files here, but the real fun is making it in Zotebook.

Here are 3 types of files, PDF (for laser cutter), STL (3D printer), and SVG (craft cutter)

Also, 2 files of the stars and frame separately. When I used the Lulzbot mini I needed separate files (and printed at 95% size)

Step 1: What You Need

A picture of Elton John Glasses

An iPad with Zotebook installed

A 3D printer, laser cutter, or craft cutter

Step 2: Make a Star

Stars are easy to make in Zotebook. The Same Angle and Same Length gestures turn a handmade shape into a perfect shape.

Once I have a perfect star I can adjust the shape by selecting a single point to shape it for Rock Star Glory.

For more on making stars in Zotebook check out Making a Seven Pointed Star. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Seven-Poin...

If you have never used Zotebook, check out https://zotebook.io

And some of our other intro Instructables like https://www.instructables.com/id/Learn-Zotebook-Wi...

Step 3: Make an Outline

Now with the Shape Widget tool I make a copy, shrink it, then move it back to make an outline.

By scribbling anywhere I create the cutout.

Step 4: Make a Copy

Again with the Shape Widget, I copy the star.

Step 5: Nose Piece

The nose piece uses one of the best features of Zotebook, the Recurve tool.

I put my finger near any line, wait for dots to appear, and curve the line as needed.

Step 6: Frame

I will be constructing these with a 3D printer or laser cutter so I need to make 3 pieces and and a way to connect them.

I start with a long straight bar for the frame arms and make a notch for the stars.

I'll scale the notch later to the thickness of the material I choose to use.

Step 7: Ear Hook

Now I can shape the arms with Recurve tool.

Step 8: Copy the Arm

I'll need 2 arms for the frame, so I use the Shape Widget again.

I am not really sure about the length at this point, but I will test it with a paper prototype before 3D printing and then adjust it.

Step 9: Get SVG File to Test Print With a Craft Cutter

This is optional, but a great step for me.

At Zotebook.io I can get SVG, PDF or STL files.

I use a craft cutter to test the design prototype before trying to 3D print it.

Step 10: Check for Size and Fit With the Prototype

The stars look good, but the arms of the frame are a little bit long.

Step 11: I Go Back to Zotebook and Shorten the Arms by About a Cm

I tap the line I want to size and enter the length.

I also size the notch to .5 cm, so I will print the stars piece to a 5 mm depth. If I were laser cutting this I'd set the width of the notch to the depth of the material I want to use.

Step 12: Ready to 3D Print

I get the STL file from Zotebook.io and choose a print depth of 5 mm to match the notch. I can also get a PDF file for laser cutting but I want to try out T-Glase filament.

The Stars come out great, but the notch in the frame is a little too shallow.

I should have tried it out with cardboard on the laser cutter first.

But easy to fix.

Step 13: A Small Adjustment

I go back to Zotebook and just change the dimension of one line.

Step 14: And I Redo Do Both Arms

Step 15: Try Again, Success!

The notch works.

They stay together well.

Might fit a tiny bit better if they were a little smaller but kinda like them this way.

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