Introduction: Emergency Cigar Lighter Socket Power Source(hacked Ups)

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so while going through the projects here i saw this post so i taught why dont i take it a step futher. I have a blue gate ups which actually has been serving me as a battery charger. the problem with this ups is quite simple the power relay refuses to power on when switched on but it still charges batteries. So i decided to add a cigar receptacle to the unit so that a usb car charger, mp3 player, car tire pump or a mini car inverter can be plugged in for use at any time

Step 1: Materials and Tools

the tools you will require are

  • screw driver
  • metal cutter

the materials are

  • 12v cigar lighter socket
  • wire
  • soldiering iron and lead

Step 2: Construction

Disassembling the ups, the ups has a power switch which was supposed to power on or off the inverter but sinc it was not in use i used the the switch to power on the 12v cigar lighter socket. this is done by conecting the switch inline with the positive terminal of the battery along the part of the socket circuitry to the battery terminals. I taped the edges of the casing after cutting away a hole for the wires. And there u have it a VERSATILE rechargeable backup power of your own

Step 3: Testing

it really worked quite well as expected both charging and supply.

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