Introduction: Emergency Cooking Pot Made From Aluminum Foil and Dental Floss

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This is a simple instructable that will help you in an emergency situation. You can boil water and cook food using this simple and compact design. Not only is this a great thing to bring camping but it is excellent to put in a survival kit.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you only need two things: a foot squared of aluminum foil and waxed dental floss. The un-waxed kind won't work because it will catch alight.

Step 2: Folding in Half

Fold the aluminum foil in half so it looks like a triangle.

Step 3: Making a Crease

Fold the top corner of the triangle down to the bottom. Unfold to make a crease.

Step 4: Folding the Sides

Fold the right side of the triangle over using the crease as a guide. Do the same with the left side, folding it on top of the right.

Step 5: Forming the Lid

Take the top leaf of the top corner and fold it into the pocket formed by the left side of the triangle you recently folded over. Take the other remaining top leaf and fold it behind.

Step 6: Opening Up the Pot

Open up the pot, now you are ready to make the handle.

Step 7: Making the Handle

Using a pencil or another sharp tool, punch two holes on the two opposite side. Now tie the dental floss through each hole and finish it off with a knot. Now you have a handle to help hang the pot.

Step 8: Finished

Thank you for reading my instructable and if you have any questions, comments or complaints please leave it below.

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