Introduction: Emergency Flashlight Toolkit

I have been debating with myself for quite a while, trying to decide whether or not to enter this Design Competition.  The nub of my indecision is right there in the title, it doesn't say 'Design and Make,'   it specifically just says 'Design.'   Now, the thing is, making anything at all involves a design element, even of the most basic scope.  So in fact, all Instructables compose are really about designing and making.  So I sat and wondered for a while why this particular competition, although not having a specific theme, is very specifically called a Design comp.  

So here it is.  This thing is something I designed back in 2002 / 3  and although I have not made one of these, I guess with 3d printing it would be quite easy nowadays (2002 is actually, in technology terms, a very long time ago!)   I did speak to a company in the USA asking if they'd be interested in making and selling this thing, but it came to nothing.

OK, so what is it.   Well, I had seen all sorts of disaster and emergency/survival kits, made into Altoids tins and the like. 

It came to me that an auxiliary capsule attached to a well known brand of flashlight (torch,) would make sense.   It keeps all the tools and bits & pieces safely packed, which always handy as long as you have your torch with you.

Basically speaking, the end cap of the torch is discarded, and replaced with a double ended connector which has two functions. It screws into the body of the torch, just like the original cap, to keep the batteries in place etc.  However, the second screw thread allows the safe and firm attachment of the auxiliary container or capsule, keeping the tools and such safely stored, while firmly connecting the capsule to the torch.

As I say, wherever you take your torch, you have your kit.  I have described in the diagrams all of the likely little tools which would fit into the capsule; such as saws, fishing line and hooks, blades and openers.  If the second option was adopted, that of the larger capsule, then much more could be carried.  I guess the little capsule could be made a couple of centimetres longer as well for added capacity.  However, it would better to not go too far and make the end unit too cumbersome.

In conclusion, this is a design, not a make, but even so I reckon it would be a pretty useful piece of kit.

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