Introduction: Emergency Shelter II From Coroplast

About: EE, retired

This Instructable is a continuation of  using Coroplast instead of cardboard wardrobe boxes.  Coroplast is a step up in durability since it is plastic and waterproof.  Cost is reasonable at $17 per 4'x10' sheet from local retail.  Coroplast folds easily like corrugated cardboard.  I used a Dremel with a sheet rock cutting tool to slice one side of the Coroplast for easier folding.  Standard Coroplast is not UV resistant, so painting or some other method of protection from the sun will be necessary if used outdoors for more than one season.  UV resistant Coroplast costs more and is special order.

Step 1: Dimensions and Pattern

This structure is designed around 10'x4' sheets.  Each sheet makes 2 sides of this 12 sided structure, so 6 sheets of Coroplast are needed.  A small hole was left in the top for ventilation. 

Step 2: Folded

The folded structure is flat and light.

Step 3: Setup

The setup here overlaps two of the sides, so this structure has 11 sides.