Emergency "Sparkling Juice" Kit




Introduction: Emergency "Sparkling Juice" Kit

Using a tecnique thats been around for millenium-
Make just about any fruit juice into "sparkling" fruit juice!

Fresh juice is always better.. but just about any juice will work with
preference to any juice that seems more natural or organic.

NOTE: Avoid any juices that say "in order to preserve freshness " or include Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, etc...
These will damage the yeast and not much will happen.

Find, grow, or purchase some Champaign yeast- ( less than a dollar online )
Find, borrow, or purchase a baloon- ( less than a dollar online )
Find, squeeze, or purchase fruit juice ( a few bucks.. depends on whether you buy it online and pay for shipping :) or get it at walmart )

Ideally you will use about of 1g of yeast ( a very small amount of yeast )
Dumping in more yeast doesn't mean more alcohol..
The yeast will cosume the available sugar and convert it to alcohol..

Start off with about a half gallon of Fruit Juice.. ( 2 liters or 64 ounces )
Add about 1gram of yeast ( no shaking needed )
Slip balloon over mouth of bottle-
Place in warm dark area and wait 2 days-

You will see that fermentation is occuring when the balloon starts inflating-

Chill and Enjoy-

The kit will all fit in your wallet, purse, or pocket.. but.. yeast will keep better if cooler- ( think fridge or freezer if opened )
FYI: for those of you who need to keep everything in an altoids tin.. it all fits nicely

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting tip!

    Tks... I'll give it a try...

    BTW: you tried it with what kind of juices? fresh ones or bottled ones?