Introduction: Emergency Coffee Maker

An easy to make drip coffee maker at no cost.
Some times you really need a cup of coffee and there is not an ordinary drip coffee maker at hand (e.g. traveling, coffee maker broke down, etc.). There is a simple solution. Just take an empty plastic bottle of soft drink and cut it in two pieces. Put the paper filter gently in the funnel part. Next put it on the top of the other part. Add coffee and start purring hot water gradually. In a few minutes your fresh coffee is ready!

Step 1: Choosing and Cutting the Plastic Bottle.

Most of the plastic bottles used for drinks can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees of Celcius so they are proper. I have tried bottles from carbonated soft drinks with no problem.

Choose the size of the bottle according to the size of the paper filter available and the quantity of the coffee you need.

Make sure that the bottle is clean inside by rinsing it with water.

Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the bottle. Try to cut it at a position so as the funnel you create will not fall in the other part when you put it on. In case there is not a neck in the bottle, deform the funnel slightly in order to prevent it from falling in the other part.

Step 2: Preparing Coffee

Put the paper filter gently in the funnel so as it will not fold when you start purring water.

Add the quantity of the coffee required and press it slightly without tearing the base of the paper filter.

Start purring hot water gradually. Make sure that the quantity of the water you add matches the quantity of the coffee.

Wait for all the water to pass the filter and enjoy your coffee!