Introduction: Emily's Sparkly Unicorn PB&J! 🦄

Prepare your taste buds for the most magical sandwich this side of a rainbow!


Two slices of bread

Peanut Butter


Two Colored Candy Melts

Two Blackberries

Trail Mix with Raisins, Almonds, Cashews and M&Ms

Various Candy Sprinkles (Preferably Something SPARKLY!)

Step 1: Spread the PB & the J

The foundation of any good classic PB&J, but we're just getting started...

Step 2: Add the Colored Candy Melts for Eyeballs.

Try to space them about as far apart as a unicorn's eyes would be.

Step 3: Throw on the Blackberries As Pupils

Be sure to make the eyes haunting, yet inviting...

Step 4: Add the Nostrils and Teeth

Dig into that trail mix bag for two raisins & a whole horse bite a' almonds!

Step 5: Don't Forget the Cashew Horn!

Without a horn, you'll be eating a donkey.

Step 6: You Need Magical, Luscious Locks

True unicorn power comes from the rainbow follicles. Everyone knows that.

Step 7: Add a Dash of Sprinkles for Extra Magic

Just a dash; less is more.

Step 8: Awwwww, Who Cares?!! Push the Envelope!

Go Big or Go Home with Those Sprinkles!

Step 9: The Unicorn's Greatest Power? Invisibility...

Give your mythical friend one last wink, then smash that jelly bread DOWN!

Step 10: Take Your First Bite and Thank Emily

Saddle up and ride that glorious rainbow all the way to flavor country!

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