Introduction: Ender 3 Plotter With BLtouch Remix

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I redesigned this thing because I wanted to build a plotter on my ender 3 but doesn't to remove the BLtouch(autoleveling sensor) all the time.

My Design:

Step 1: Original Design

The original is from pascalmakes.

His Design

Step 2: Design

I took the original design and strech it. I cut away the front and grouped the result with the original part. Now you have a longer part, that you can place the design without getting in the way of the BLtouch.

Step 3: 3D Printing

3D Print:

  • 1* fanMount
  • 1* PenholderWithBLtouch

You have to print the part with support.

Step 4: How to Use It

In my case I wanted to paint some pcb outlines for etching. So you have to use a edding 400. You also need some gummies to secure the edding to the part. You should use soft gummies, because that will conserve your pen tip. The next step is to create gecode to move the 3D printer, but this is a little bit to much for this Instructables.

how to generate gcode for painting with the ender 3

Step 5: Conclusion

I really like this design, because you can secure the edding without screws and also easily remove it. I only had the problem with the BLtouch. I hope you enjoyed this Instractable and have fun to build it. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any questions? Thank you for reading.





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