Introduction: •Energizing Coffee Oatmeal•

In a hurry to get out and going? Need a quick fix for energy in the morning? Don't have time for preparing your beloved coffee AND oatmeal? Well here is your solution: Coffee Oatmeal.

Step 1: Materials!

For this recipe, gathering the components listed here will help to prepare this delicacy in an instant:

(For One Serving)

• 1/2 cup of traditional oats
• 1 cup of water (subtract amount of creamer, if used)
• Coffee Filter With Grounds (more for stronger coffee aroma, less for slighter aroma)
• Coffee Brewing Machine
• Bowl (able to withstand heat)
• (Optional) Milk or Cream to taste
• (Optional) Sweetener to taste

Step 2: Oats!

Prepare the oats by placing the complete amount (1/2 cup) into a bowl.

Step 3: Brewing Preparation!

Pour required amount of water into Coffee Brewer. Insert the filter with grounds into required spot.

Step 4: Bowl Placement!

Place the bowl with oats underneath the coffee spout (where the coffee comes out, in case you were wondering).

Step 5: I Got the Power!

Turn the Coffee Machine ON! (:0}-<

Step 6: Watchin' N' Waitin'

Wait until all of the water poured into Brewer emerges as coffee.(-_-)

*NOTICE: If you have a Brewer that only pours our coffee when a pot is underneath, push up on the spout with a utensil to let the coffee out.*

Step 7: It Smells So Good!

Pause and savor the magnificent fragrance of the Coffee Oatmeal (unless you are in a hurry). Next, remove the oatmeal from the Brewer and stir with a utensil*.

*Caution! Bowl and oatmeal will most likely be hot!

Step 8: Mix-Ins!

If you wish, you may leave your Coffee Oatmeal black. But adding a dash of cream and sugar will create a smoother taste.

Step 9: Braggadocio!

If you have the time, flaunt your delicious Coffee Oatmeal in other's faces. But keep in mind not to give any of your Coffee Oatmeal to the following...

Step 10: No Oatmeal for You! Next!

Try not to give any of your Coffee Oatmeal to young children. They need to grow, and consuming caffeine without moderation can potentially stunt their growth, turning them into midgets.

Step 11: No Oatmeal for You! Next!

Please do not share your Coffee Oatmeal with any of your pets, especially doggies and kitties. Caffeine is bad for them because, most of the time, your loved one is smaller than you are and a normal dose of caffeine for you can be ginormous for them. All of this additional stimulation can make their internal systems hyper and some may malfunction. So guard your Coffee Oatmeal for their sake.

Step 12: Mission Status: Complete

Congratulations! You have created a delectable treat perfect for giving you a head start on your day! Enjoy! \(^O^)/
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