Introduction: Energy Efficient Buildings Built on Bolt

Specially in offices and other institutions such as schools, colleges and even homes, sometimes we leave the room without switching off the lights and other electronics equipment. In offices, colleges etc. at the end of the day, somebody has to physically check each room whether the lights are switched off or not. Now there’s one thing, either you switch off the lights of entire building by switching off the MCB but that wouldn’t solve the problem if someone wants to use a particular room.

So, I provide you a solution in which a user is provided with an interface in which he can switch on or off lights of any room just by a single click where the entire system (appliances and Interface) is connected with Wi-Fi.

Step 1: Materials


1 Inventrom Bolt IoT Platform

3-4 LEDs

Jumper wires

Soldering Iron

Wi-fi Connection


Html, CSS and JavaScript

Step 2: Schematics and Circuit Diagrams

Bolt Iot Platform is sa,e as Arduino Uno but with an attached functionality of connecting to a network

Bolt has 7 Digital Pins, Rx,Tx, 3 Analog pins and 2 Vcc and 2 gnd pins

Connect +ve terminal or three LEDS with 3 pins(pins 0,1,2) and -ve terminals to GND

Connect Bolt and your computer to the same wi-fi Network. for other configurations help access inventrom bolt website.

upload the following code into the bolt.

always save the code as index.htm

bolt iot generates dynamic IP every time so check that ip using Fing Application and access that ip

the current IP for my bolt is

access to upload the program and then access to reset the bolt


Step 3: Code

(apply CSS according to your needs)






<h4> Room 1 </h4>

<button><a href="http://digitalWrite?pin=0&state=HIGH"> LIGHT ON </a></button>

<button><a href="http://digitalWrite?pin=0&state=LOW"> > LIGHT OFF </a></button>

(you can add for three rooms like this)


Step 4: Working

As soon as the user clicks on the button to turn the light on, and since the interface as well as the Bolt is connected in the same network, the bolt would generate the click of the user and produce the specified results.

this system can be easily implemented and a better interface could be built which would allow a user to easily control the electronics.

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