Introduction: Engine Repair Reminders

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With a wife, 3 kids, myself, and company vehicle, I do lots of vehicle maintenance each month.   It is a pity that every vehicle uses different air and oil filter, as well as varied amounts of oil.  Of course each has a different sized oil plug.   The spark plug types are different, so are pcv valves, bulbs, etc.   I prefer a quick reference rather than having to search through the owners and repair manuals each time.    With 6 vehicles, I can never remember from one to the next.   Nothing is more frustrating than to crawl under a vehicle with the wrong sized socket for the drain plug etc.   I have gotten around this by taking a sharpie and writing reminders on the engine shrouds or on the underside of the hood, etc.   Never again will I look at the 3 new filters on the shelf and wonder if one goes into this car.   Never again will I crawl under the car with the wrong socket for the drain plug.

Simple, huh?